Consultancy Service

In addition to the design services, Rupert also provides a consultancy service.  This is a service for people who do not necessarily want a re-design of their garden but would like some information, advice and a fresh perspective.  Typically, this might include a problem area within a garden, such as a border where the planting consistently fails.  The effect of new changes in the client's life such as the arrival of children or mobility issues,  the desire for  a change of planting style such as a move towards  more low maintenance  planting. Refreshing  the layout or borders  for a property soon to be sold  or an event such as a wedding or party might warrant another enquiry or  you may have moved to a house with a garden for the first time and want a maintenance schedule or ideas to stamp your identity onto a mature garden without completely altering it.


Rupert will visit the garden and discuss with you your ideas and or concerns and then write a report that will give you information, advice and suggestions on how to proceed with the issues that have been raised.

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