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Lighting Plan

A garden is not just for the daylight hours. Good, well positioned lighting can transform your garden once the sun goes down, bringing a sense of romance or mystery into the space and allowing you to enjoy it for longer both throughout both the summer and the darker months.


Rupert offers a full range of design services for all sizes and styles of garden. These can be offered either as a complete service, if wishing to have a complete redesign of the garden or as individual elements such as planting plans for existing borders if wishing to regenerate the planting.  


Services offered include (click on header to find out more):


Initial Consultation




Concept Drawing


Detailed Outline Plan


Planting Plan


Lighting Plan


Project Monitoring


Plant Sourcing and Maintenance

Scope of Works

A written guide for the contractor, that sets out the construction of the garden with specific information relating to the materials and how they are to be used.

This is a guide for  the client who wishes to maintain the finished garden themselves or wants to know what a maintenance contractor should carry out. The guide lists all the planting used in the design and how to care for the individual plants, ensuring they stay in first class condition.

Maintenance Guide



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