Design Service

Consultancy Service

A consultancy visit will take between one and two hours depending on how much needs to  be discussed  and is followed up with a written report.

Full Design Service


A free initial consultation visit for a design usually takes two hours, to discuss your ideas and practical needs and this is followed up with a report confirming the brief and quote for any design work to be undertaken.


The cost of the design will depend on the complexity of the site and what is required from the brief, once agreed 70% of the fee is payable upon presentation and acceptance of the concept drawing.  


The  remaining 30% is payable upon completion of the designer's input to the project.


Any revisions to drawings are charged at £40 per hour.


Printing, reference photographs, postage and other materials used are charged at cost.


Similarly, the fee for project monitoring will depend on how complex and large a project is, usually a visit will be paid to the site once a week whilst work is continuing to oversee contractors progress and will be followed up by a meeting with the client to inform them of the progress and any issues that may of arisen.  Rupert is also available by telephone and email throughout the build.


Individual Services


Such as planting plans to rejuvinate existing borders within a garden are charged according to the size of the border(s) under consideration, again a free consultation visit and quote are offered.



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