Courtyard Garden-Surrey

Family Garden-Hampshire

Wildlife Garden-Surrey

Large Country Garden-Gloustershire

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The property is one of several new build houses built on the site of a previous house, prior to the redesign the garden retained many elements of the old garden.   The client's brief asked for a complete redesign of the rear garden  with large borders to allow the clients interest in gardening to be fulfilled but retaining several of the original mature trees. A large area near the house for entertaining was required with a more informal sitting area  to catch the evening sun further away from the house and a good expanse of lawn for the client's children to play on.  Several small specimen trees were planted along the north-east border of the property to allow for privacyfrom the neighbouring property whilst more trees and shrubs blended the bottom border with the woods beyond screening the fence and allowing  for a garden shed and compost area to be concealed from the view of the house.

A listed Queen Anne farm building with Victorian extensions.  The large body of water and the swimming pool already existed as did an area of wooded ground below the swimming pool area but all were in a state of neglect.  The client's brief  required a complete makeover of the swimming pool area including the demolition of the old pool house, subsequent replacement and new coping and paving around the pool area.   In addition, a second formal body of water was required and to be connected to the reshaped existing pond by a stream and cascade of water. The existing wooded area was thinned and expanded providing a natural screen and boundary between the formal and more natural areas of the garden with informal paths leading through the trees. The terrace to the south of the house was redesigned and extended to allow for entertaining and the other formal areas around the house were also rethought with generous borders for planting and new pathways laid.

An Edwardian cottage in Surrey.  The client brief was to create a natural haven for wildlife including a body of water. All the planting was chosen for it's ability to attract and sustain the wildlife of the area and give a naturalistic feel to the garden with as much all year interest as possible.  As well as an area for viewing the garden close to the house a second area with a pergola was incorporated to allow  viewing wildlife around the pond and informal entertaining.

The courtyard area of this late 60's Scandanavian style timber clad house was, prior to the redesign, completely concreted over with just a shed in the middle.  The brief was to create a low maintenance garden with an outside area for dining whilst obscuring the garage from the view of the large patio windows of the house.  The pathway through the garden was created using a mixture of gravel and marine decking to reflect the style of the house and two L shaped sections of  Ilex x meserveae not only obsured the view of the garage and an area of bare wall but assisted in defining the shady and sunny areas of the plot.